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Animal lovers created Pet Food Site to support like-minded people. Explore and understand dog and cat needs, dive through the vast amount of information available online, and give our expert opinion research and back it up with scientifically backed sources.

My name is Dace Lace. I am one of the people who give the same voting rights to their pets as if they are other human beings. After all, they have their own passport! 😀 

I can not remember a time when I did not have one or more furry friends around me. Currently, I have two cats- Lucy Lu and Tabby and a rescue dog Dora.  We also work with other rescue dogs and cats to provide them with a better life.

Tabby is a great charmer, and his coat is the softest thing I have ever seen on a cat. Yet, at about one year old, he started to have skin issues and lost his fur.

My dog has allergies too- which come in red rashes on her belly. At first, I thought that she had hurt herself while going for a walk. As it turned out, Dora likes to steal sweets from the kitchen counter while nobody is around.

After testing a few food brands and different options for Tabby, we finally found the right one, and he can be his charming self again. A similar case happened with Dora, and No, we do not keep sweets on our kitchen counter either!

My love for my pets led me on a journey. Sometimes online forums and discussions opened more questions than answers. Also, I realized that more cat and dog owners are out there looking for answers on the internet. Yet, some articles published were not backed up with science, and I was uneasy about that.

I have completed animal Behavior and Nutrition courses, and my learning curve has not stopped there. I want to be able to help as many pets and pet owners as I can.

I do not qualify myself as a vet to talk about the best dog and cat diets. Still, I am a seasoned people manager experienced in building an editorial team that is legally qualified to give nutritional advice to your furry friends. I am an animal behavior specialist, though. And my passion for animal wellbeing is a great motivator to achieve my goals.

That is exactly what I did for Pet Food Site. ALL the content we will publish on this site has been written or overseen by a qualified vet or a nutrition specialist.

On this website, you will find important information regards your Dog and Cat’s nutrition. Information I could not locate online when I was trying to help my cat’s issues. I will give this Project my best effort. I know that our pets need us as much as we need them.

Dace Lace and Jesus benito

Co-Founders of Pet Food Site

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If you are reading this, it means that you are looking to improve your pet’s wellbeing.

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