9 Lives Vs Friskies. Reveals Which Is The Best

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This is our comparison of 9 Lives vs Friskies cat food brands.

As a feline Nutritionist and pet owner, I have bought various foods for my cats. My main concern always was how to provide the best nutrition for my pets. 

I have researched these product lines in-depth to determine what sets them apart.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best pet food brand for your pet: 

  • ingredient quality, 
  • guaranteed analysis, 
  • product safety,
  • cost 

are among the most important factors to consider.

While both product lines provide good overall nutritional value, the best brand for your cat will depend on your cat’s individual needs.

9 Lives Vs Friskies.

Let’s get started!

9 Lives Vs Friskies Introduction

9 Lives is a wet and dry cat food brand.

Owned by J.M. Smucker and introduced to the market by tuna processor StarKist Foods in 1959. 

This product has four varieties of dry food (Daily Essentials, Plus Care, Indoor Complete, and Long Life Formula), five lines of wet food in various flavors and treats.

This brand is most known for its mascot and a ginger cat named Morris.

Friskies is a pet food line produced by Nestlé Purina Petcare or simply Purina. 

They have wet, dry, and cat treat products. When Friskies cat food was introduced in the 1950s, it was the first dry pet food product specifically for cats.

According to the Friskies website, more than 50 variations of Friskies cat food.

Product Range Comparison

9 Lives

There are five dry food and 20 types of wet food formulas. 9 Lives also offers cat treats.

This brand does not offer specialized kitten and senior cat food.

However, they have formulas specifically designed for:

  • Indoor cats
  • Urinary support
  • High protein 
  • Pea free.

Wet food is available in Chunks and gravy and Pate form.

Variety packs are available to give your cat a mix of flavors.




There are seven dry food formulas and 83 types of wet food formulas.

Friskies also offers treats and food toppers.

Wet food is available in a large variety: Chunks in gravy, Pate, Bits in broth, Shredded, Grilled, Flaked, and Minced.

Variety packs are available for cats that get bored with one flavor day after day.

This cat food line does not offer specifically designed meals for kittens or seniors.

However, they have a food topper Friskies Lil’ Soups, explicitly designed for senior cats.

This brand has formulas specifically designed for:

  • Appetite stimulation
  • Dental and breath care
  • Digestive Health
  • Eyecare
  • Hairball control
  • Hip and joint support
  • Itching and redness remedy
  • Muscle care
  • Sensitive skin
  • Skin and coat health
  • Vitamins and minerals.


WINNER9 Lives Vs Friskies

9 Lives V Friskies: Nutrition Comparison

9 Lives and Friskies cat foods both provide a balanced diet that meets the nutritional requirements of most pets.

Both brand formulas meet AAFCO Guidelines for pet food.

But understanding the nutritional content differences between the two brands can help you select the best diet for your cat.

Always remember to consult your veterinarian before changing your cat’s diet.

9 Lives Vs Friskies

Meat Content

Cats are obligate carnivores and get their energy from meat. In cat food formulas, you should be seeing real meat ingredients. 

9 Lives

This line of pet food offers classic flavors like chicken, beef, and salmon, among others, in their dry and wet food formulas.

However, most of their wet and dry cat food formulas do not have real meat as their first ingredient. (the percentage of ingredients in cat food decreases as it goes down the list).

Also, animal and fish meal and by-product meal is more consistent in their formula than real meat ingredients.

The formula with the most real meat ingredients in their line is Meaty Favourites formulas.


This line offers flavors cats will favor, like chicken, beef, salmon, and turkey.

The wet food line of this brand offers formulas where real meat and fish are one of the first on the ingredients list. This means high-quality real meat is higher in percentage than other ingredients in the formulas.

However, on the dry food formulas for this brand, no real meat ingredient can be found and is substituted by animal meal and by-products.

WINNER 9 Lives Vs Friskies

Protein content

This is the most crucial ingredient in cat food by far. Aim to buy food with a protein content of at least 25 percent.

9 Lives

On average, dry food contains 30%, and wet food has 9% of the protein in this cat food line.

Most of the protein comes in animal meal and by-product meal forms, like Ocean fish by-product meal and Meat and Bone Meal

Animal and fish meal– dried and rendered clean meat, skin, and bone.

By-product meal– “less desirable” parts of a chicken that remain after the meat is removed. This can include the lungs, spleen, liver, and kidneys.

Most of the formulas have Whole Ground Corn and Corn Gluten Meal. Even though corn gluten meal does have protein, it’s not the protein that cats can digest very well. Cats have to eat twice as much corn to get the same amount of protein as they would from meat.


On average, dry food contains 30%, and wet food has 9% – 11% of the protein in this cat food line.

This brand also has Animal meal and animal by-product meal in their formula, but also we see pore real meat and fish on their overall ingredients list and as their first ingredient.

Comparing the 9 Lives and Friskies protein quality, the latter has more real meat ingredients. I conclude that the protein in Friskies is higher quality and more easily digestible for cats. Also, real meat protein has more nutrients than an animal meal or by-products.

WINNER9 Lives Vs Friskies

Carbohydrate content

The fiber (type of carbohydrate) in cat food has become somewhat a controversial topic. It might seem that cats in the wild only eat meat, but actually, they eat all the animals with their prey’s skin, hoves, intestines, and stomach contents. 

This could mean that our felines do need a bit of fiber content in their meals.

9 LIves

This line has 3.5%- 5% of carbs in wet food formulas and 34%- 39% in dry cat food formulas.

The carb content mainly comes from Corn, Soy, and Wheat across the line.


This line has 1.5%- 3.5% of carbs in wet food formulas and 35%- 37% in dry cat food formulas.

The Carb content mainly comes from Rice, Flour, Wheat, and Soy across the line.

The carbohydrate content needs will depend on each cat. For example, a high fiber content can help a diabetic cat, and a low fiber diet can help with small intestine problems.

It is always important to speak to your veterinarian for advice on your cat’s diet if any digestive problems occur.

In my opinion, fewer fiber (carb) foods are better for an overall healthy cat.

WINNER9 Lives Vs Friskies

Fat content

Cats get their energy from protein and fat, so they favor a meal where protein and fat are high.

Some owners might be tempted to feed a cat a low-fat diet to ensure obesity is not a problem. However, cats need more fat content and tend to overeat low-fat food to meet their nutritional needs.

9 Lives

This line has, on average, 4.5% of fat in wet food formulas and 9% in their dry cat food formulas.

The fat content mainly comes from Fish, Animal Fat, Salmon meal, and Beef fat.


This line, on average, has 2%- 5% of fat in wet food formulas and 11%- 12% in their dry cat food formulas.

The fat content mainly comes from Beef tallow, Salmon meal, and Vegetable oil.

When looking at fat content in your cat food, it is vital to notice the quality of these fats. A cat does not easily digest vegetables or any other plant oils. Salmon oil and named animal fats are the best.

WINNER9 Lives Vs Friskies


Flavors are another essential item to consider when choosing cat food. You can buy the most excellent or well-reviewed cat food, but your furry friend will not get the nutrition what the food can provide if your cat does not eat the food.

If you have decided to change your cat’s food for another brand, it is crucial to have a sample trial first. Most cats might be picky eaters and turn up their noses to a new food altogether.

It is vital to gradually change cats’ diets to get used to the new brand by mixing small amounts of the new food with the old one.

Also, if food is changed suddenly, cats might suffer from tummy upsets like vomiting and diarrhea. I had a Tabby cat who would develop a skin allergy if new food were introduced.

Saying this, eating the same food and flavor every day might get boring for the cat. If you have found a brand that your cats like, it is good if the formula has different flavors available for them to enjoy.

9 LIves

Available flavors: poultry, meat, seafood and fish, chicken, beef, salmon, turkey, tuna, and cheese. 


Available flavors: poultry, meat, seafood and fish, chicken, beef, salmon, turkey, tuna, liver, shrimp, and cheese. 

Both brands have a variety of classic flavors available. Friskies are beating 9 Lives by just 2. However, Friskies has more variety in options.

WINNER9 Lives Vs Friskies

Price Comparison

We all know how expensive cat food can get. Many pet owners have to carefully consider their budget restraints to determine what cat food to get.

While higher price does not always mean a better product, you should always prioritize feeding the best quality food you can afford. Good nutrition is crucial for your cat’s wellbeing and can reflect on their health and overall health in the long run.

Consider quality food a long-term investment in your cat’s life. In the long run, you might even save on vet bills by paying a bit more for your cat’s food today.

Prices on cat food vary greatly. Premium food with specialized formulas and high-quality ingredients often costs more than commercial cat food formulas.

The ingredient quality in both brand lines shows that these are generic commercial cat food lines. 

Good quality meat is the foundation of your cat’s nutrition. But meat is also the most costly ingredient in cat foods.

9 Lives and Friskies both use by-products and meat meals as inexpensive alternative protein sources in their formulas.

My research shows that Friskies use more real meat ingredients than 9 Lives. This might be why pound for pound Friskies are slightly more expensive than 9 Lives.

WINNER9 Lives Vs Friskies

Recalls and Product Safety

There are three types:

  • Actions are taken by a firm to remove a product from the market- A voluntary recall,

(Recalls may be conducted on a firm’s initiative),

  • FDA request,
  • FDA order under statutory authority.

9 Lives

In 2018 and 2020, the manufacturing company announced a voluntary recall of specific lots of 9Lives® Protein Plus® wet, canned cat food. 

This was due to low levels of Thiamine (Vitamin B1) in both instances.


No active recalls were found.

You can search for a list of current FDA recalls here. Be sure to continue to track the recall status of any cat food you consider to ensure that your cat’s diet is safe.

Overall Winner9 Lives Vs Friskies

This 9 Lives Vs Friskies review demonstrates that Friskies cat food is the superior brand due to its ingredients.

Friskies contain more real meat in their formulas. But, those ingredients also make Friskies more expensive.

Both brands provide similar nutrition, and Friskies can be a good choice for cat owners on a budget.

Choosing the right cat food is an individual process. Talk to your veterinarian today to determine if Friskies cat food is the best choice for your feline companion.

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