Featured Pet- Dora. The Best Dog Ever!

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featured pet dora

Featured Pet- Dora:

Name: Dora

Age: 8 years

Breed: mixed Smooth Fox Terrier and Basenji

(This is what veterinarians have told us as parents unknown)

Owners: Dace and Jesus

Place: Madrid, Spain

Unique Characteristics: All white body and all black head

Favorite Hobby: Chasing rabbits

Best Snack: Pig’s ear

Quick Biography: 

Rescue dog. Lived in Latvia, Engure for seven years. Now lives in Madrid, Spain. Her mentor since puppyhood with an older cat, Puce, at times, Dora thinks she is a cat. 

She loves being outdoors and exploring the bushes for rabbit trails. Very shy around dogs and was not socialized enough during her early years.

Health or Behaviour problems:

Around seven years old, Dora started to get tired quickly. She was walking slower where before, she would run up and down the walking path. She developed a limp while out for a walk.

After a checkup at the vet’s office, she was diagnosed with arthritis in her front legs and spine. Osteoarthritis is a common problem in dogs, particularly in seniors. (1)

The front legs were better after a two weeks course of medication.

It was helpful to know that arthritis if caught early, can be treated. So it is crucial to get regular checkups and act fast if your dog shows symptoms like tiredness and pain by limping.

We also continue to give Dora Joint Supplements. Here are our Best Dog Joint Supplements, as each dog has individual needs.

Top story:

Dora’s owner Dace once almost got arrested for trespassing. Dora smelled a rabbit on their regular walk, and before Dace could call her back, Dora was off to chase the bunny. 

Dora ended up in a garden of a house. There was a fence around the property, and no visible hole was seen to get Dora out. Dora was not interested in getting out at this stage as she had located the rabbit in its hole in the ground.

Nobody seemed to be at home, so Dace decided to climb the fence and get Dora out. The people walking by understood why Dace was loitering as their German Sheppherd pup got up to the same mischief.

Featured Pet

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